About Us

Family & Veteran Owned and Operated

C & M Recycling was founded in 1970 in Mundelein, Illinois. Originally located west of Butterfield Road on Route 60, C & M began as a humble operation. With a single truck, a small office, an inadequate storage yard and big dreams, C & M established itself as a local, dependable recycling company for all types of businesses in the Lake County area. C&M was initially focused on secondary paper and metals, which at that time period was the lion’s share of scrap materials generated by industry. C & M expanded into plastics in early 1990 at the request of its expanding customer base. In 2000, with the rapid growth of consumer electronics in all areas of our lives, C & M saw an opportunity to address another problem — electronic waste. With the evolution in processing technologies, C & M has now come full circle for its client base recovering everything from office waste and out of date information technology equipment to plastics and metals. Additionally, C & M continues to offer confidential document destruction to its customers for all of their sensitive files and records from its expansive portfolio of recycling services.

Currently C & M serves Chicago land, Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin customers. With a modern fleet of trucks and other equipment, C & M collects secondary materials from various types of commercial and industrial customers. The sales and marketing staff continues its pursuit to find value and marketability in secondary materials of all types. Every year C & M eliminates more materials from the local waste stream and landfill. By partnering with C & M, customers reap the benefits of enhanced environmental sustainability, while ultimately reducing their global carbon footprint.