Make Every Day Earth Day!

Live like every day is Earth Day by making small changes in your home, starting with how you buy and use cleaning products to reduce the amount of household hazardous waste. A few small changes can have a huge impact.

5 Tips to Change Spring Cleaning into Spring Greening

Here are a few tips to take advantage of this spring to maximize your Earth Day philosophies while taking on the necessary task of spring cleaning.

1. Look at the cleaning products you use in your home.

How many times do you see words like warning, danger, or poison? A product labeled with “caution” is the least hazardous while “poison” is the worst. Use the least toxic product to do the job.

2. Change out hazardous products for multi-purpose cleaners.

Limit the number of products you have by using cleaners that can clean multiple surfaces or items.

3. Less is Best.

Use products with fewer ingredients and pay attention to warning labels. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, only a fraction of the registered chemicals have gone through complete testing for human health concerns. offers more solutions for reducing the number of toxins in your cleaning products.

4. Out With the Bad in a Friendly Way

Get rid of dangerous chemicals in an environmentally friendly way. Check the guide to Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Sites and make sure that your products are disposed of properly.

5. Get Creative.

Making your own products is a great way to reduce the chemicals you have in your home. Here is a homemade recipe for an all-purpose cleaner that uses safe ingredients instead of the chemicals found in store bought varieties:

All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

¼ cup white vinegar

1½ teaspoons non-antibacterial liquid dish soap

In a 16 oz. spray bottle, add the vinegar and fill with water. Add dish soap last. Add lemon juice if desired.